Off-Duty Ada Officer Assists in Arrest of Beer Shoplifter

An off-duty Ada police officer was involved in a pursuit and arrest of a beer shoplifter at an Ada Walmart Friday afternoon.

The off-duty cop heard the dispatcher report the incident over the police radio and since she was already at the Walmart, she waited for the suspect to leave the store.

The suspect reportedly jumped into a waiting pickup truck outside the store and attempted to get away. The car allegedly nearly struck the waiting off-duty officer.

The officer then fired her handgun at the truck. No one was hit by a bullet, but the officer did strike one of the truck's tires, which went flat following a short pursuit.

The suspect, Cordell Tebet, 26, was caught and arrested on complaints of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and felony eluding.

The Ada PD requested the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's assistance in the incident even though no one was struck by a bullet.

Agents will deliver their report to the district attorney,