Off Duty Firefighter Recovering Following Crash

A car crashed into a trailer carrying a tractor on it that was being towed by a truck.

A Tulsa firefighter with four broken ribs is out of the hospital following a crash Monday. District Fire Chief Ben Herring was off duty when a car eluding police slammed into his pick-up. While he didn't want to talk much about the crash itself. He couldn't stop talking about the firefighters who have and still are coming to his aid.It's not everyday one who typically responds to emergencies finds himself in one. "I knew I was hurt but I also knew other people were hurt worse," says Herring.Twenty-eight years on the Tulsa Fire Department and the well being of others still comes first...even if he's one on a stretcher."I was so glad to see the Tulsa Fire Department show up with engine 15 to not only help me but to help the other people involved in the accident."That's why it should come as no surprise, when fellow firefighters rally around one of their own when the need arises."Some of them have actually worked for me and I've worked with them and yeah. When you're in a situation like I found myself in yesterday through no fault of my own or some ways a life or death situation, I couldn't think of anybody else I'd want to see show up," says Herring.As he recovers..."I'm having to keep the phone plugged into the charger to keep the battery up,"the care hasn't stopped with the phone calls. "Everyone of them has been an offer of help or assistance for me and my family and even they know some of the things they knew I was on my way to do with the accident took place and they've offered to take care of some of the those jobs for me. They said make a list it's a done deal and this is not from 3 or 6 people, this is from 30 or 40 people," add Herring.Chief Herring tells me if he could, he would return to work tomorrow. His recovery may take a little longer. We're told the driver of the car eluding police was 27-year old Joey Williams. It's unclear why he didn't stop. He was pronounced dead from his injuries this afternoon.