Officers Arrest Bixby Woman During Undercover Operation

Sandra Knapton

Police arrested a Bixby woman Thursday afternoon after she offered an officer sex for money during an undercover operation.

Tulsa Police booked Sandra Knapton on one count of prostitution this week in south Tulsa. At an apartment complex an undercover officer met up with Knapton, also known as "Diamond Sassy," for a massage appointment.

According to the arrest report, the officer met the 41-year-old who invited him inside and brought him to a bedroom that had a "heated massage table, oils, candles and slow music."

Knapton told the officer to get undress and place the massage fee on the chest of drawers. She also decided to not put a towel on him when he was on the table and left him uncovered exposing his buttocks.

During the massage, Knapton touched his exposed genitals several times and also told him to turn around. She proceeded to ask the officer if it was alright to touch his "penis" and he consented.

The officer asked her how much it would cost to have sexual relations with her and she showed him three fingers signaling $300, according to the report. Knapton gave him a condom after the undercover officer placed the money on a table.

Additional officers were called in and placed her under arrest. Knapton is due in court at the end of the month.