Officer Finds Couple Engaged in Sexual Activity at Airport

Jazmyn Mundell

A couple was taken into custody over the weekend after an officer alleges that he found them at the airport engaged in a sexual act.

Tulsa Police arrested Jazmyn Mundell and Jonathan Phillips each on one count of outraging public decency. Both were taken into custody at Tulsa International Airport early Sunday morning.

According to the booking report, an officer was sent to the airport in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked at American Airlines. Before his arrival he was advised both suspects were engaged in sexual activity.

"I could see that Mundell was leaned over with her head in the lap of Phillips," the officer described in the arrest report.

Phillips was located in the driver's seat while Mundell was in the passenger seat. The two were engaging in the act of oral sex when I observed them.

When the office asked them how much they had to drink, Mundell stated that she had "more than three beers and stated that her husband, Phillips, had seven."

Both were removed from the vehicle and transported to the Tulsa County Jail. Both are due for court at the end of the month.

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