Officer On "Restrictive Duty" After Reportedly Stabbing Suspect

A Tulsa Police officer is on "restrictive duty" after reportedly stabbing a suspect who tried to grab his gun.

Tulsa Police investigators say the incident happened Saturday near Edison Street and Union Avenue just west of downtown.

Just after a short vehicle and foot pursuit, the suspect began to put up a fight with the officer outside of a home.

During the fight, the officer reported that the suspect tried to grab his gun. That's when the officer pulled a knife that he was carrying and stabbed the man five or six times, according to the officer's report.

His injuries were not life-threatening, but the suspect is still in the hospital at last check.

Spokesperson Leland Ashley said that knives are not issued by the department, but some officers do carry them for utility purposes.

Officers will use whatever is around them to fend off an attacker if they feel their life is in jeopardy, Ashley said.

The officer involved will remain on "restrictive duty" while an internal investigation is completed. Detectives are treating the case as any other use of force, such as pepper spray, bean bags or a gun.

Names of the suspect and officer have not been released.