Police: Wife Lied to Protect Husband After Shooting

A man taken into custody Monday evening for a shooting his wife originally confessed she committed.

Tulsa Police arrested Ismael Deligorio on one complaint of shooting with intent to kill. He was taken into custody where the crime took place near Queen and Atlanta Court in north Tulsa.

According to previous reports, his wife originally told investigating officers that she shot a man in self-defense. After questioning witnesses at the scene officers determined her husband, Ismael, was the shooter, police said.

Officers stated that Deligorio was involved in an altercation with a man after he had been bitten by one Deligorio's dogs. Moments later Deligorio fired shots and hit the victim twice.

Investigators said while they were interviewing Amanda Deligorio at the police station they realized she was not telling them the truth to help cover up for her husband.

"There's movies and documentaries on how to plan a crime and you try to pull one over on us in two minutes. That insults us," said Dave Walker, of the Tulsa Police Department.

Deligorio was transported to the Tulsa County Jail for the above complaint on $75,000 bond.