Cops Find Man Sleeping Behind Dumpster After Reported Drunk Wreck

      Police found a man asleep behind a dumpster after he was sought for a reported drunk driving wreck.

      Tulsa Police told KTUL that the incident took place Tuesday evening after receiving word of a collision at 10200 E. 81st St. It was there that two vehicles collided in the intersection of the southbound exit to US 169 and 81st Street.

      According to a statement from TPD, Isaac Turner had reportedly been driving a Toyota Tundra when he ran a red light and wrecked into a small Toyota vehicle. Turner left the scene after the wreck.

      "[Turner] contacted a relative and informed him he stole his truck and it could be recovered at the scene of a collision."

      Officials stated that the relative arrived on scene and provided Turner's description. An hour later Tulsa Community College campus police notified TPD they had discovered a man sleeping behind one of their dumpsters.

      "Officers and TCC Police found the suspect, Isaac Turner, asleep behind a dumpster."

      Turner was arrested for hit and run and driving under the influence.