Officers Find Two Making Meth Inside Apartment with Child Inside

Barbara Hollis (left) Christopher Moreno (right)

Police arrested two at a Tulsa apartment Thursday evening after a 14-year-old opened the door and they found evidence of a meth lab.

Barbara Hollis, 39, and Christopher Moreno, 37, were taken into custody just after 6 p.m. Thursday. Both were charged with child endangerment and endeavor to manufacture.

It happened when Tulsa Police were assigned to an apartment complex on E. 16th Street in reference to a possible meth lab, according to the press release. Upon there arrival they noticed a strong chemical smell "associated with the manufacture of meth coming from the apartment."

When they knocked on the door a 14-year-old opened the door and the chemical odor became stronger coming from inside the apartment.

Police wrote that Hollis and Moreno were locked inside the master bedroom and made contact after knocking on the door. Inside were various items associated with the manufacturing of meth.

- Cold Packs

- Pseudo cold medicine

- 2-liter bottle containing clear liquid

- Coffee grinder containing white powder residue

Hollis and Moreno were placed under arrest and the child was taken to into protective custody.

Both will appear in court later this month.