Threat Made At Tahlequah High School

Officers in Tahlequah remain vigilant Thursday after receiving word that a threat had been made towards the high school late Wednesday evening.Administrators for Tahlequah Public Schools were notified that a written threat had been discovered at Tahlequah High School. No information was given on where the message was found in the school located near Pendleton Street and North Jones Avenue.School officials sent an automated message to parents to make them aware of the threat, even though an investigation led them to believe the threat was not credible."We wouldn't have had school, wouldn't have entertained the idea to have school today had we thought it was a real safety issue," said Superintendent Lisa Presley.Officials told KTUL that Tahlequah Police was notified and were sent to the building to perform a search. A K-9 officer also was brought in to assist.Nothing was discovered during their initial search, but TPD put a plan in place to ensure the safety of students arriving for classes Thursday. Eight officers were in place before students arrived, along with an emergency management official.Administrators added that Thursday is the second to last day of school for TPS. Anyone with information about the threat should contact TPD at (918) 456-8801.