Truck Runs Over, Kills Homeless Man

Corey Reynolds

A homeless man was found dead late Wednesday evening after a trailer apparently drove over him while he was sleeping.

It happened before 11 p.m. near Cheyenne and Brady when Tulsa Police were told that a homeless man, later identified as Corey Reynolds, sleeping under a tractor or trailer had been killed after it drove over him. When officers arrived they found the driver of the trailer visibly upset.

Officer Dan Miller told KTUL that the trailer belonged to the Borden dairy company and the driver had been moving stuff around and inadvertently drove over the homeless man.

Miller added that it was an "unfortunate situation, very sad."

No other information was available about Reynolds. But officers at the scene said that it's not that typical for homeless people to sleep underneath trucks, so they believe he had been trying to get away from possible inclement weather.

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