Ohio Women Rescued Gives Hope to Oklahoma Family

After 10 years and a mysterious kidnapping, three Ohio women were found. That is giving hope to an Oklahoma woman who has made it her mission to find her missing daughter.

There are more cold and missing cases than you think. The Tulsa Police Department has 120 open missing persons cases, right now. But miles away, the pain of missing two girls from Welch, Oklahoma is also a heartbreaking reality.

The story of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman made national news 13 years ago, when the girls went missing. A sleepover ended with the girls gone, Ashley's parents shot dead.and the house set on fire.

Lauria's mother, Lorene then set out on her personal mission, her own fight to find her daughter. She does not openly grieve but saves that time for herself. Lauria would have turned 30 last month. Lorene says after all this time she turns it over to God. But this case, of three women being found, after ten years, gives her a new found hope that her own nightmarish story might have a happy ending.

"You hope this is Lauria and Ashley. You hear a lot of that they are dead and that they have been buried. Blah, blah, blah, but what if they are not. Now the what ifs are right back in your face," said Lorene Bible, who says she wants her daughter back, dead or alive for closure, after all this time.

Lorene says she has pamphlets and flyers ready to hand out and prepared for the phone calls she expects to follow.