OHP - 'First and Foremost, Slow Down'

They cruise the highways day in, day out, and more than anyone know the dangers of the road.

"I think what's important for people to know are the things that we see out here," said OHP Captain George Brown.

The number one factor that can result in injury and death, speed.

"First and foremost, slow down," he said.

Especially in wintry conditions, being extra vigilant on ice, snow, and even sand.

"If you come to a stop sign expect that there may be some sand at intersections," said Brown.

And from a wider perspective, don't lose sight of just how hazardous daily driving is.

"People are many more times likely to become victims of a vehicle collision than they are to become a victim of a crime, and we see people go to great lengths to protect themselves from crimes and that's good, self defense courses, even weapons courses, those are all good things, however, I think if people thought in terms of vehicle crashes and how to protect themselves against that, it would help," he said.

For instance, texting and driving, you've heard how crazy it's getting, but have you heard this?

"We even hear some young drivers defending their action. I heard a young driver state, oh I never text below my steering wheel, I always keep it up where I can see. So, they're actually trying to make sense of it, which is bad," said Brown.

Staying safe on the roadways, in wintertime, and all year round.

"We become so use to driving that we desensitize ourselves to exactly how dangerous it can be," he said.