OHP Works to Remove Cars Mysteriously Sunk in Rogers County

Oklahoma Highway Patrol spent Wednesday working to remove cars sunk off 33 Landing in Rogers County.The Marine Enforcement Division used boats and divers to remove the first of 18 to 19 cars in the McClellan-Kerr Navigation Channel. 33 Landing is reportedly somewhat secluded and has been a site where illegal activity takes place."Vehicles upside down, there's a large pile of vehicles. We don't know why they're there, and that's what we're trying to find out," said Captain George Brown with OHP.Brown said 33 Landing has a ramp where cars can easily reach the water.OHP found the cars with new technology, including side-scan sonar systems. Divers in dry suits used air bags to lift a 2000, red Chevrolet truck. They hooked up the truck with cables to different towing vehicles to remove it from the water. It took about two hours and 20 minutes.The water is about 20 feet deep. Divers said the water ran about 55 degrees."We have our divers hooked up to communications. We can talk to our divers underwater. So, we know whether or not they're doing okay and what their needs are under there," said Lieutenant Jeff James, coordinating divers.OHP ran the truck's information and confirmed that it is registered as stolen. Broken Arrow Police Department had been investigating the case. It went missing September 4, 2006."We can speculate now that any of the other vehicles possibly could be stolen as well," Brown said.The truck now belongs to an insurance company in the Tulsa area.Brown said tow companies will impound the cars, so investigators can run the vehicles' information. Brown said OHP will likely ask for assistance from the Corps of Engineers. He said the Corps has large removal equipment. It could be weeks or months before all of the cars are out of the water.