OK Gamers Raise Money For Anti-Violence Charity

Oklahoma Gamers are coming together to raise money for an anti-violence charity while working to change the stereotype of gamers in the process.

Originally, the convention was supposed to draw in gamers from all across Green Country with consoles, tabletop games, board games and the latest software from Central Tech in Sapulpa.

Just before the event, the school backed out, citing the recent national violence.

The gamers quickly regrouped at the Tulsa Event Center, and are using the weekend to raise money for charity.

Saif Khan is one of the founders of He says, "Every generation has their social whipping dog. Back in the '50s, it was Rock 'n' Roll and Elvis' hips. Then a couple of decades later, it was television that was going to rot our brains. And now it's gaming. We're just the whipping boy that everyone wants to blame."

"None of these guys are violent," Khan says. "None of these people are hurting each other. They have a hobby and they enjoy it, just like everyone else.