Okay Police Chief Uses Taser on City Councilor

Okay, Oklahoma, is in Wagoner County about 50 miles southeast of Tulsa and has a population of about 600.

A city councilor in a rural Oklahoma town is calling for the dismissal of the town's police chief after the chief used a Taser on the councilor.

Paco Frye is on the city council in Okay, Oklahoma, in Wagoner County about 50 miles southeast of Tulsa.

Frye said the police chief used a Taser on him last month while he was outside his house smoking potpourri, or synthetic marijuana.

"I get high to take care of my pain," Frye said.

Frye said he was outside talking to his horse, Cherokee.

Police Chief Fred Winters said he received calls from neighbors saying Frye was talking extremely loud and appeared to have overdosed.

"They said they'd been listening to him for over three hours," Winters said. "He wasn't himself, even for Mr. Frye."

When the chief arrived, ambulance in tow, Frye was in his yard, behind his fence.

Frye says he was maintaining control of his faculties, but the chief said he assessed it differently, noticing the outline of a gun in Paco's back pocket, and a knife on his hip.

"Once we determined that he wasn't in his right mind, to my opinion, I went around and told him he was under arrest," Winters said. "I saw his hands make the motion to go to his side and to the back pocket. I warned him that I was going to Tase him."

Frye claims he was going for his wallet when the chief fired the Taser at him, and now wants Chief Winters fired.

"Everybody keeps telling me not to get angry," Frye said. "That man had no right, breaking my gate down and Tasing me, had no right at all."

Chief Winters says he's not concerned about the councilor's efforts to oust him.

"He's tried that from the day that I was hired," Chief Winters said. "Ninety-eight percent of the community wants me back."