OKC Thunder By The Numbers

The NBA Finals are on ABC and Channel 8. The network,and most national pro basketball fans, got the match-up they wanted. The defending champion Los Angeles Lakers and their old nemesis, the Boston Celtics.Listen to these numbers.{} LA has made 31 final appearances winning 15 championships. The Celtics have been in 21 Finals - ten fewer- but have won 17 titles!{} Head-to-head it's no contest. Boston has dominated winning nine of the 11 times these opposite coast rivals have played for the championship.But enough about these two teams, Oklahomans are more interested in their team - the Oklahoma CIty Thunder! And what a 2009-2010 season! OKC made a 27-win improvement over its previous season winning 50 regular season games. That's the ninth best single season turn around in NBA history!And the fans noticed with a total attendance of 793,175. There were 31 sellouts including a streak of the final 14 games. One of the NBA's smallest markets, Oklahoma City, ranked 7th in the entire league with the Ford Center at 98.9% capacity. And 93% of Thunder season ticket holders have already renewed for the 2010-2011 season.You're Doing Fine Oklahoma City. The Thunder Rolls!

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