Okla. Lawmaker Files Bill Prohibiting Concealed Guns on School Property

An Oklahoma lawmaker has filed legislation that would prohibit anyone from carrying a concealed weapon onto school property.

Oklahoma State Senator Jabar Shumate, D-Tulsa, filed Senate Bill 1753 to make schools safer by preventing people from carrying guns on school property. Oklahomans would not be able to carry a concealed gun on school property, regardless if they have a valid concealed carry license.

Concealed-carry license holders are currently allowed to bring a gun on school property when picking up or dropping off a student. Carriers are required to stay in their vehicles when on school property.

According to the bill, an unloaded gun or knife designed for hunting or fishing purposes would still be allowed on school properpropertyng as it is properly displayed or stored.

Moms Demand Actions for Gun Sense in America requested the bill be drafted. The organization was formed in 2012 after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Oklahoma mothers are eager to stand with Senator Shumate and support a bill that will create a safer environment for our children while at school," said Sabine Brown, Oklahoma chapter leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. "We want our children to experience a healthy learning environment and not be concerned about firearms on the premises."