Oklahoma 4th Most Expensive State for Car Insurance

Oklahoma is the fourth most expensive state for car insurance in the country, according to a new study.

With an average annual premium of $ 2,074, Oklahoma ranked behind Louisiana, Michigan and Georgia in leading the nation in cost for auto coverage, according to the study by

"A variety of factors make car insurance rates more painful in some states than others -- the number of insurers competing for business, driving conditions, the portion of drivers who are uninsured, and the way state insurance systems are set up," the report states.

According to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, companies evaluate several factors to determine your rate such as:

  • driving history
  • type of vehicle (including model, year and value)
  • territory (where you garage and drive the vehicle)
  • number of accidents
  • gender
  • age
  • credit scores.
Driving record history can only be used for three years, according to the insurance department.

A sample of what different insurance companies would charge for certain types of drivers, is available on the Oklahoma Insurance Department website.