Oklahoma Education Leaders Ask to Invalidate 2013 Tests

A state education association released a report Tuesday afternoon pushing to invalidate all 2013 standardized tests after "comprehensive testing problems" occurred throughout the state.

The Oklahoma Education Association stated in a release on their website that CTB/McGraw-Hill was "grossly deficient in its ability to meet the needs of Oklahoma schools and students." This was after schools reported numerous issues with standardized tests this past spring.

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"Students were left waiting for hours to finish tests, arrived at school day after day expecting to be tested only to experience additional delays. They had to take the same tests multiple times. Consequently, thousands of students were left exhausted, frustrated demoralized and incapable of giving their best effort," the OEA report went on to describe.

The association will now move to urge the State Board of Education to invalidate the tests. Leaders also stated the tests should not be used to impact students, teachers or schools in any negative way.

In their 14-page report on their website school districts from across the state submitted their accounts of testing experiences with CTB/McGraw-Hill. Those accounts came from schools in Okemah, Oklahoma City, Piedmont, Lawton and Tulsa, according to the report.

Three Tulsa instructors from Tulsa Memorial High School and Owen Elementary School detailed their issues with the testing and submitted them to the OEA. Their accounts states 11 days of district testing were affecting by the testing company's issues.

OEA leaders are expected to ask the state board to consider invalidating the tests at the upcoming board meeting this week.You can read more about the report on their website.