Oklahoma Family Worries About Daughter, Sister on Stranded Ship

At least two Oklahomans are headed home, after a harrowing trip at sea. The Carnival Triumph cruise ship broke down, after an engine room fire leaving them stranded in the Gulf of Mexico. Tugboats are pulling it back to the U.S.

Coworkers and family members at the Creek Nation Casino in Muskogee have been concerned about Misty Brumm. She should have been home days ago, but instead her ship is dead in the water.

The Carnival Triumph suffered the fire over the weekend. That cause a power outage with more than 4200-people on board, including over 3-thousand passengers.

Back here at home, workers at the Creek Nation Casino were worried about 37-year old Brumm, who had gone on the cruise with a friend. She's an auditor there and works along with her mother and her sister.

She called them on Monday to explain no power, no running water and cucumber sandwiches. Carnival says other ships have shown up to offer food and there are some restrooms.

She's sent text messages detailing the horrors, but no word at all since Monday. And that is when she should have been safe and sound, back in Muskogee.

"I've called her about every hour or tried to text but nothing yet The only way we can communicate with her is if there is another ship that pulls up with food and water," said her sister, Amy Walters.

Right now Misty's absences are excused back and she is expected to be back at work on Monday.

Another Tulsa area resident, Darren Gooch with Zoellner Exterminating is stuck on the Carnival Triumph.

Carnival has canceled the next 14 cruises for the Triumph cruiser.