Oklahoma Highway Patrol Motorcycle Troopers Have A New Look

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a new look for their motorcycles. OHP has switched from the all black Harley Davidson motorcycle to a smaller black and white BMW motorcycle.

Trooper Jon Moser says these new bikes are lighter, but there are several things that are different and they have had to get use to them.

"You have to get use to how they stop, how they accelerate, how they move, just like any switch with any kind of bike," says Trooper Moser, "Your feet are under you rather than in front of you."

Moser says the public is taking a second look at them when they get pulled over.

"People don't recognize it being a police motorcycle right off. They are use to the bigger more traditional bike," says Trooper Moser.

Moser does say the blue and red flashing lights still get everyone's attention. He says the new bikes are a little faster, but the response time for an emergency situation is still the same because it takes the same amount of time to get from one place to the next.

Even with the changes the motorcycle troopers are on the highways everyday and the risks are still the same.

"There is an added risk. At the same time they train us very well. It's an added risk because regardless of where you are, right or wrong, you will be on the losing end of a crash," says Trooper Moser.

There are three motorcycle troopers in Tulsa. Two of them have the new BMW bikes and the other still has the all black Harley Davidson.