Oklahoma Native Pens Song Of Hope For Sandy Hook Victims

A songwriter from Oklahoma penned a song for the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The song, "Let There Be Hope" was co-written by Tommy Bailey and his wife Emily. The song costs 99-cents to download and all proceeds go to organizations helping counsel those affected by the tragedy.

"As news spread of the devastating events in Newtown, CT on December 14th, I stood staring at the television stunned by the revelation of a grave evil which was amplified by its proximity to Christmas Day," said Bailey, founder of Collision Media on its website.

So far there have been over 1,200 people that have listened to the song, 400 just today, according to Emily.

The song was written Saturday, Dec. 15 and unbeknownst to the writers, Tommy's father, Tony Bailey, posted the song to Facebook.

"We are so blown away by the response of the song and are excited to see how it can positively effect the Newtown community," said Emily.

Bailey is a member of the worship-rock band Bailey, and in another group called Catalog of Blunders.

"There are no words that can fully comfort in times like these, and there are no songs that can put this puzzle together," said Bailey.