Oklahoma Ranks 4th in US for Diabetes Cases

As ominous as the deep red letters spelling out the disease, is Oklahoma's rank as 4th in the country when it comes to cases of diabetes.

"Which is ridiculously high," said Anna Reinwand of OSU Medical Center, which routinely holds educational support groups.

"The typical symptoms that people feel are very thirsty, very tired, wounds that don't heal, frequent urination," she said.

"Diabetes is known as the silent killer if you don't keep track of it," said Kenny Lehman, making some gorgeous pizzas at NYC, and keeping an eye on his diabetes.

"I measure it in the morning. I measure it, 2, 3 hours after I eat," he said.

His own family history serves as a reminder of how dangerous the disease can be.

"I had an uncle who had both his legs amputated cause of diabetes years ago in the 50's," he said.

A brutal toll compounded by the diseases' stealth.

"About a third of the people that we've determined or diagnosed don't even know it.," said Reinwand.

The key to beating it? Education and staying proactive.

"As long as you control it and watch your blood sugar, and take your medicines, it's something you can live with and have a normal life," said Lehman.