Just How Conservative is Oklahoma? We're Not Number 1...

Tea Party protesters walk through nation's capital during a 2009 Taxpayer March. Oklahoma was recently ranked as the six month conservative state in the nation. (File Photo)

A new Gallup poll released this week ranks Oklahoma as the sixth most conservative state in the nation.

Alabama took the top spot in the poll followed by North Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi and Utah.

The poll asked residents in each state and the District of Columbia if they identified themselves as conservative, moderate or liberal.

Of the about 3,000 Oklahomans in the poll:

  • 47.3 percent said they were conservative
  • 31.9 percent said their were moderate, and
  • 17.9 percent reported themselves as liberal.

The poll had a margin of error of between 3 and 6 percentage points.

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"America has become a slightly more liberal and a slightly less conservative nation than it was in 2011 -- based on residents' self-reports of their ideology -- but conservatives still outnumber both moderates and liberals," the Gallup report authors note.

The most conservative states were in the south, midwest and mountain west, with the most liberal states on the east or west coast, according to the poll.