Oklahoma Veteran Gets Back Lost Dog Tags After 70 Years

An Oklahoma veteran is reunited with a piece of history lost decades ago.

92-year-old Alvin Krumrey was stationed on the Pacific island Guadalcanal back in 1944. That's where he lost his dog tags, while taking a bath in the river.

"I went down there this day by myself. And got all soaped up and everything. And a flash flood came down the river. It just came down all at once, just a wall of water," laughed Krumrey, "And I can't swim a lick. So I just bounced down the river for a half mile I guess and came out on the right side."

Fast forward 60 plus years when an Australian family visiting Guadalcanal found his tags, which had been swept away in the river.

They made a huge effort to locate Krumrey, who was originally from Commerce, Oklahoma.

"I couldn't believe it," he said. "That's been 70 years ago."

A special ceremony was held for Krumrey in Miami, presenting him with the tags and a cake, Jan. 30.

Krumrey says, he's glad to get the dog tags back all these years later and it makes him feel good about people nowadays.