Fiscal Cliff: Oklahomans React to Congressional Gridlock

Folks at Steak & Eggs Diner in Sapulpa unanimously told Channel 8 they are concerned about the Congressional gridlock surrounding the fiscal cliff in the new year.

"I'm still learning since I'm only 80 years old," said customer Harvey Howard. "I've seen a few of them. I've seen this happen over and over again. I know there's no reason to let this [gridlock] slip on until future years."

"If we have to, get some new people in there [Congress]," said employee Renee Ehman. "Because we're not [making decisions], and if they can't do that, then tell them we've got to cut your payroll."

Some told Channel 8 they are open to temporary solutions. Others said Congress has had four years to make a decision and ought to prioritize permanent solutions.

Both Oklahoma Senators voted in favor of the decision to avert the fiscal cliff and delay sequestration for two months.

"While this deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is not perfect, Senate Democrats have caved to making permanent the Bush tax cuts for 99 percent of Americans," said Sen. Jim Inhofe.

The House is expected to vote on the decision sometime Tuesday night.