Oklahomans Weigh-In On The President's Next Four Years

Millions watched as President Barack Obama takes the oath of office for the second time.

"So help you God? So help me God. Congratulations Mister President."

In Washington, DC, the President spoke directly to the American people, giving a glimpse into the next four years.

And a real political fight awaits over issues, including the debt ceiling and gun control.

Oklahomans say, he has a tough road ahead.

Robert Craig says, "I think there's a great deal.. To solve problems for all of us."

And Kirk Schneider added, "I just want to see him inspire us.. a little bit."

"Wow. I don't expect anything other than what we've seen in the first four years," says Carl Bailey. "Which may or may not impress people."

And Nikhol Robinson told Channel 8, "Well, I thought the last four years he had his challenges in front of him. I think he took on those challenges and did the best he could with what he was given to work with. And I think it will be much better come these next four years. We'll just have to watch and see."

President Obama also used his inaugural address to touch on climate change, gay rights and equal pay for women.