Actors, Directors and Extras Show Up For Okmulgee Film

Oklahoma's Film Commission has aggressively gone after movie production. Now it is happening in Okmulgee, with the filming of "Homerun."{} The movie will star Scott Elrod and Vivaca A. Fox.

The writers say Okmulgee was the perfect location, perfect backdrop for this movie. it's the story of baseball and a player hat you could call a diamond in the rough.

"Today there is actual minor ball play," said writer, Candace Lee

The baseball players were actors, part of the story of a pro baseball player, who comes to their turf, after he struck out.

"And he returns to his hometown where he reconnects with family and really has to come face to face with some things he's been running from for several years," explained Lee.

There was a group of the paparazzi--made up of real media people--and real people who know the true meaning of this film.

"I was in a bad place in my life 7 years ago and I really felt the lord led me to celebrate recovery and it changed my life, working the steps changed my life," said Arica Riley.{}

She spoke of Celebrate Recovery, an international ministry partnering with this project. Today she's playing the part of a news photographer. She and many extras have volunteered.

"We actually already have groups from Celebrate Recovery churches around the country who have gone to their theaters already committed to buy a thousand tickets which will ensure the film will make it to their small town even," said Lee.

The small town of Okmulgee will be on blast for all of Hollywood and hundreds of big screens, when it is released.

"Oklahoma has a great incentive right now that really rewards filmmakers for using local talent and investing in our local economies," said Lee.{}

Oklahoma promises a 37-percent rebate to filmmakers. Its publicity for Oklahoma--and a boost to the local economies.

The writers and producers say the movie Home Run is not just a movie. but a lesson. played out. in green country.

The movie comes out in Fall of 2012.