Oktoberfest Pitchers To Be Replaced With Souvenir Steins

Oktoberfest has become a Tulsa tradition and is known for it's pitchers of German beer.

But this year the pitcher has been downsized. And it's an effort to keep patrons safe.

As organizers told KTUL, to create a more German atmosphere.

Siegy's Sausage Factory and Restaurant provides Oktoberfest with 15,000 pounds of sausage every year. That's about 75,000 bratwursts.

"The more they drink the more they eat, so hopefully they will replace it with large mugs or steins," Raymond Bayer said.

River Parks plans to replace the 64-oz pitcher with a souvenir stein. So what's up with the change? Public safety for one.

"We did have some issues with the pitchers in the past, 64 ounces is not light to carry and occasionally break on the pitchers," River Park's Tonja Carrigg said.

So size was an issue for River Parks, for police and the ABLE Commission, who all agreed on the downsize.

"The pitcher was a unique festival item, a unique item," Carrigg said. "I haven't seen that size container or type of container offered at any other festival in Tulsa."

Carrigg said it will help keep the festival a safe environment. And at Siegy's, everything will be alright once the fizz settles.

Oktoberfest will run this year from October 17th through the 20th.

There's also a petition to bring back the pitcher online and a Facebook page. You can check them out to the left of this article.