Old City Hall Gets A Hotel Overhaul

When you think of Tulsa's old City Hall, you're probably not thinking about a getting a good night's sleep.

But coming soon, luxury will be a common thing inside that historic building.

Aloft Starwood Hotels are giving the old City Hall a major overhaul.

Now as you can imagine, owners say there was a lot of demolition involved.

And pretty much everything has been updated.

The construction company, Brickhugger, is known for renovating historic buildings.

Macy Snyder-Amatucci is owner and Director of Sales.

"Every building can be an eyesore when it's sitting there empty with the lights off, boarded up windows. And definitely this hotel is going to look completely different when it's done, like the Mayo does now. Lights, and paint, and people, and life around the building can really change the look of a building."

Aloft is also adding a new building that will have a bar, workout room, and a swimming pool.

It opens April 18th.