Old Driller Stadium Gets A New Team For Spring

Old Driller Stadium to Host Pro Soccer

The old Drillers Stadium is getting a new chance to greet fans and athletes this spring. A new professional soccer team, will call it their home field. The Tulsa Athletics are getting ready for their debut.

What used to be the pitchers mound is now part of the soccer field. Instead of running to bases, players will run to goals on each end of the field, north and south.

The Tulsa Athletics will play on a field that has been redesigned to fit two goals within a 110 by 75 yard area. They will hopefully be surrounded by fans in the stands. But what used to be the outfield will serve as a beer garden and place for you to watch from that side, as players kick the ball and defend their goals.

The team is made up of college and pro players from right here in Tulsa. They are currently practicing and getting ready for competition.

Right now crews are painting the fence in team colors of green and yellow to follow. The team is leasing the field at 55-hundred dollars a month, so they will need to fill up the seats with paying fans. The owners believe there is a soccer fan base in Tulsa, starting with 30-thousand youth players.

" So we know that Tulsans love the game of soccer. It's just about getting our product in front of them and who wouldn't want to come out to a stadium and watch soccer? There will be something for everyone," said Sonny Dalesandro, co-owner of the Tulsa Athletics and former pro soccer player.

The games start in just a few weeks, May 18th. For ticket info, click on the link attached to this story.