Old Law Means You Could Spend More in Oklahoma

If you are sneaking ahead looking at Black Friday specials, make sure you are seeing Oklahoma prices.

All because of something called the Unfair Sales Act, you could be paying more than our bordering states.

Consumers you have to ask yourself what are you willing to do for Black Friday specials. Driving to Missouri or Arkansas could mean getting a TV hundreds of dollars cheaper.

We found Black Friday ads from Walmart. One ad was from Arkansas with a laptop 70-bucks cheaper than Oklahoma's. And the big screen TV--nearly three hundred dollars more expensive here in the Sooner State.

The Unfair Sales Act stops retailers from buying goods at one price and then selling them lower. The practice is thought to put pressure on small businesses who may not be able to compete.

At Video Revolution the owner says the low prices can only last before they hurt the retail giants.

Ron Witmer says most of the advertised items, he would not sell anyway.

"They can only handle so much business out of that location. There is only so much. People don't' want to stand in long lines, and a lot of people want to talk to someone that knows something," he said.

The decision is yours but the experts at Video Revolution say they have something you won't get many other places, and that is professional advice.