Old Man Winter Brutal On Water Lines

Unlike Jed Clampett's, this bubbling was just rude. The latest of over 100 water line breaks In February alone, thanks to old man winter.

"What we're experiencing now is more than usual," said Clayton eEwards of the city of Tulsa.

And it's not unusual right now for crews to be working a minimum of 60 hours a week trying to keep up with everything.

"I've got pictures of guys knee deep in water, it's 27 degrees, they're dedicated employees, gotta commend 'em," said Rick Caruthers of the city of Tulsa.

A sentiment shared by the folks at Meeks Group. They had a line break outside their building and have nothing but kind words for the guys here to fix it.

"These poor guys are out there in the middle of the night, 6 feet underneath the asphalt in mud, and it's not a job I'd want to do," said Mike Wilbins.

That spirit of understanding was felt at Patrick Henry Elementary, the site of another break, where kids used portable sinks and saw it as an adventure.

"They love it. I think they've washed their hands and used more soap today then they have all year," said Connie Pounds of TPS.

Many of the pipes having trouble were installed in the 40's and 50's and have reached the end of their life cycle. And with roughly a 1,000 miles of old pipe left, expect a few more deaths in the family.

"With the change in temperatures with the dry conditions we could be seeing some more breaks as it warms up more," said Edwards.