Old School Justice: Deputy Makes Kids Clean Up Their Own Mess

A unique punishment for kids caught vandalizing a home. It happened in Talala at the Oologah Country Trailer Park, where rocks, eggs, and milk were thrown at the home.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office says they are enforcing what they call "old school justice."

Diane Johnson who lives in the home that was vandalized, has lived there for a few years and this is the fourth time this has happened. She says the kids started with rocks, then moved to eggs and finally milk was all over the side of the trailer.

"I caught them in the yard and they ran like no ones business," Johnson says.

That's when she reported the crime to Rogers County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Scott Walton says Deputy Pease got to the trailer park and used his judgement and decided this time to just make them wash the entire trailer.

He says this "old school" kind of punishment kept the kids from being arrested and the owner of the trailer park, Dorothy Wofford, agrees with the idea.

"I think it's wonderful. You can maybe send them to their room, but that doesn't do any good. I think having to get out and wash the egg and milk off a trailer, that's great," says Wofford.

Wofford says she has informed the kids and their mother that if anything else happens involving them they will be asked to move out. Although her home is cleaned, Johnson says she is still looking for one more thing.

"I need an apology from them and their mother," Johnson says.

Sheriff Walton says Deputy Pease did have to get permission from the kids mother before they could be asked to wash the trailer.