Older Residents At Risk of Holiday Loneliness, Stress

With only five days left to get presents wrapped and travel plans set, the holidays are in full swing for Tulsa area residents.

But while most are busy shopping for last minute gifts or making final Christmas dinner plans, others are dealing with another side of the holidays - loneliness and depression.

One particular demographic dealing the most with these issues are seniors.

Whether they can't get home for the holidays, are suffering from ailments leaving them bed-ridden or just suffering from the holiday blues, many seniors have a hard time coping with the season.

On this afternoon's Live Great segment, Channel 8 and will speak with Life Senior Services and get answers to questions like:

Why is loneliness an issue for so many seniors?

What can seniors do to cope better during the holidays?

How will a senior know if they are depressed, or if it is just the holiday blues?

Why do seniors experience holiday stress, when we expect it to be an enjoyable time?

Stay with us as we head out to the Southminster location where we will talk to members and experts on seniors and the holidays.

And if you are looking to get questions answered already, contact the Life Senior Services center at 918-664-9000. For information about mental health resources in the Tulsa area or if your feelings are leading to thoughts of harming yourself or others, call the 24-hour Copes Crisis Team at 918-744-9800.

You can also head to their website at for even more information.