Superintendent: 70 Percent of Olive School District Up in Smoke

On August 15th the home of the Wildcats will start a new year of school."All this part is just gone," said Olive superintendent Loren Tackett, estimating that 70% of his school district went up in smoke, reading of a list of kids who lost their homes, as if it were roll call."Colin, Carly, pearl..." he said.They've decided to start school as planned as a calming influence on the kids, some of whom will have to wake up a little earlier since the bridge on their normal bus route has burned down too."It'll add 30 minutes to a bus route that already starts before 7 o'clock, we'll be picking some kids up at 6:30," he said.Should any of the kids need clothes, part of the Baptist church now resembles JC Penny's, with newly built clothes racks, complete with size displays made from the backs of pizza boxes."We had men in the community, we had some of the students go up and help over the last two mornings we've put about 30 racks together," said the pastor.The Lord has just moved in a mighty way to help us to be a channel to help others," said a volunteer.Just today they've served over a hundred meals, and all of the food has come from the generosity of private businesses and residents, like this BBQ spread from Owasso. A giving that's slowly replacing the tears of loss with tears of joy."It's truly brought us to tears, to see the Lord move in a mighty way," she said.