UPDATE: Tulsa Sports Commission Not Backing Olympic Bid

Despite an optimistic dream that Tulsa might someday host a summer Olympic games, there's a contrary word from Tulsa sports leaders.

The Tulsa Sports Commission and Tulsa Chamber of Commerce will announce Tuesday that they will not support a bid for the 2024 Olympic Games.

"This is not a focus area for the commission at this time," a press release states.

But, don't tell that to Neal Mavis.

When he started his Olympic campaign four years ago he got more than a few skeptical glances.

"It's a stretch, but if you look at Atlanta they though tit was a crazy idea," said Mavis back in 2009.

Then five months ago, Tulsa actually got a letter from the US Olympic committee asking if we were interested in 2024.

"What we want to do is have the Olympic torch coming through the trail of tears," he said back in February.

He's generated so much buzz, he got a call recently from someone who said they worked at the New York Times.

"Well, I did check to see if the reporter really worked there so I checked my linked in and Google to make sure," he said.

Yup, it checked out. There it was, complete with a nice photo spread, highlighting the simple life in T-town. To keep the buzz going he just launched a web site, complete with a cool looking Tulsa Olympic logo.

"The Native American theme of wind, water, sky and land, so it's a water drop, it's got feathers in it, and it basically is a symbol that represents Native America in a refreshing way," he said.

And so, the quest to one day court the international Olympic committee or IOC continues. Which brings up another acronym, JTNC, it's one made up by Neil for all those stinkin' thinkin' folks. As in Tulsa Olympics? It's possible, don't go all JTNC-ing.

"Jumping to negative conclusions. A lot of people say Tulsa can't do it because of population, they're jumping to negative conclusions," he said.