One Arrested In Liquor Store Burglary

Tre Clinchers

Tulsa police make an arrest following the burglary of a midtown Liquor store.

Officers were sent to Old Village Wine & Liquor near 41st and Peoria around 2:30am when the store's burglary alarm went off. According to arrest documents, officers found 18-year-old Tre Clinchers in the alley way. They noticed Clinchers had cuts and glass on his hands.

He told police "he and his friends threw a cinder block through the window and (they) handed him bottles of liquor", the arrest documents state.

Later at detective division, Clinchers was read his Miranda rights again. He then told detectives he entered the store and took three bottles. They were same three which were found with him in the alley, police said.

Clinchers was booked into the Tulsa county Jail on a complaint of second-degree burglary.