One Local Community Seeing A Housing Boom

Housing is booming in Bixby. In fact, we found out new construction permits are up 29.1 percent. That's the highest number since 2007.

The City of Bixby approved 222 new construction housing permits last year. The city planner, Erik Enyart says that the great school system and amount of land they have available are the two reasons they are seeing a spike in new homes.

"For the longest time in the minds of Tulsans, Bixby was just so far out there, but as the areas continue to develop, the Bixby area now goes up to 101st street along Memorial, so it's not really as out there anymore," says Enyart.

The city already has two new developments plotted with more than 170 plots ready to go. Enyart says there are already two more areas in talks of development and with all this residential growth they are also seeing commercial growth. Enyart says they are always looking for more commercial development.

"We would welcome more medical services. We would welcome more retail clothing. Something that would be nice to have available within the city. Some additional high end sit down restaurants," says Enyart.

With the fast growth the city is seeing, Enyart says they know there will be some growing pains but they are already in plans. He says the city has already completed some street improvements and they know the areas that will be fixed next. He also says the waste water plant will need to be updated in the coming years with the amount of growth they are seeing.

The city has also been looking into ways to make it easier for people to get through the red tape of housing permits.