Detectives Make Arrest with Possible Ties to Unsolved Murder

Pauline Johnson

A woman was arrested this week in connection to a homicide that could possibly be related to an unsolved case from back in November.

Tulsa Police arrested Pauline Johnson in connection to the murder of Duchone Whitworth whose skeletal remains were discovered in the 500 block of 66th Street North. Her husband, Charles Johnson, was previously arrested and both face similar charges.

During an interview with TPD, it was revealed that a third person, Lyndon Baker, also is wanted in connection to Whitworth's murder. It is believed all three individuals kidnapped and murdered him.

Detectives stated that the murder was discovered while investigation the death of four people back in November in the 1300 block of New Haven Ave. Police have brought up the difficulty in dealing with the methamphetamine community in not being able to solve the case.

"The sooner we get the name of the quad killer, the sooner we get out of your business. I think the Whitworth case was found because we are in the middle of their business," Sgt. Dave Walker, of the Tulsa Police Department said of the investigation, involving alleged meth users.

The Tulsa Police department has an 80-percent solve rate when it comes to murders.