Grandmother's Murder Remains Unsolved

A wreath has been placed out to gas station when Peggy Gaytan was killed. It says Justice for Peggy and it's a reminder of what happened here December 22, 2011. Gaytan was killed during a robbery. She had been raising her 5 year old grandaughter before her untimely death.

Posters and Flyers are being distributed about a murder that remains unsolved and hits this neigbhorhood to its core.

"That somebody came here and shot a friend of our neighborhood. It's scary now," says Jennifer Harmon with the Sonoma-Midtown Neighborhood.

Jennifer was one of Peggy's regular customers. She says she's always looking over her shoulder..for Peggy's killer.

"When certain people come in that may be the same height or weight as the suspects, I seem to look at their shoes," says Harmon.

Through facebook it's hoped there will be more awareness about Peggy's murder.

"The fact that we have so few tips that are spot on is a concern," says Sgt. Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police Department.

No one is giving up. Not police, her family or Peggy's customers.

The Sonoma-Midtown neighborhood association along with Peggy's family have raised a substanial reward for arrest and convict the person reponsible for her murder. It would be Christmas miracle they so desperately want.