One-Year-Old Amputee Gets Prosthetic Leg

A one-year-old little boy can now walk thanks to a new prosthetic leg.

Lincoln Mouser has spent his whole life overcoming impossible odds. He was born at 23 1/2 weeks and weighed just over a pound.

Doctors had to amputate part of his right leg because of a circulation problem.

Doctors were not optimistic about him surviving. His twin sister Abigail died just days after their birth.

Despite all the odds, Mouser pulled through and is now inspiring others with his determination to walk with a prosthesis.

His mom, Andrea Mouser, says, "It makes us feel amazing and wonderful and very proud because initially, we didn't know if he'd ever be able to walk. Seeing him progress from crawling now to walking is a great feeling."

She says he's getting into cabinets and climbing up on the couch.

"it's going to be hard to keep him out of stuff," Andrea says.