Online Financial Help

Sometimes we need a little help keeping our cash in check. And the internet can be a money saver. Most of us want to keep track of our spending, and get help reaching our financial goals.{}

There are web sites that help you accomplish that.{} They include:

  • is free and easy to use.{} It analyzes your spending, budgeting and investing patterns, and gives personalized advice on how to save money.{} Money magazine named the best online personal finance tool.
  • uses a virtual financial investor called "Sophie" to help you develop a financial plan and choose the right investments based on your goals.
  • Google's Tipjar.{} Here you can find and submit tips on how to save money.{} Like this piece of advice, "Pay your bills online to save on postage".{} You can even vote on the usefulness of the tips, so you can be sure the best ones are front and center.
  • There's also{} It has the latest interest rates and also calculators to help you pay off everything from cars to credit cards.

These are just a few of the many financial web sites to keep your cash in check.