Open Carry Fires into Oklahoma: What You Need to Know

Oklahomans can openly carry guns as of midnight Thursday.

Thursday, November 1st marks the first day open carry goes into effect in Oklahoma. That means gun owners licensed to conceal and carry are now legally able to wear their weapons in plain sight.

The Sheriff's Department is anticipating some worry during this time of transition. Major Shannon Clark said he is expecting a few residents to call in, concerned about seeing guns out in the open. However, he does not think many gun owners will choose to openly carry.

"Really, it's not going to mean a whole lot to us," said Clark. "I think it's really a whole lot to do about nothing. You're going to have some people that will actually utilize the open carry. For the most part, the people that have gone through the licensing phase to get a concealed carry? That's how most people are going to still carry."

Tulsa Police said that as of early Thursday afternoon, dispatch had not received any calls relating to the open carry law.

Still, the new law is highly detailed and confusing for gun owners and community members.

"I'm not kidding you, this stuff's tedious," said lawyer Mark Lyons.

Channel 8 delved deep into the new open carry law to figure out where you can and cannot expect to see guns in the Tulsa area. Some of the places Channel 8 investigated include parks, parking lots, areas near schools, businesses, and places that sell alcohol.

Senator Dan Newberry voted in favor of the legislation.

"I think that an armed society is a safer society, and it's a good thing for our state," said Newberry.

Several people Channel 8 spoke with about the new law gave mixed reactions. Some called it "dangerous," and others said they wish they owned guns.

Experts Channel 8 spoke with said the important thing is knowing where you can legally openly carry before doing so. The law requires gun owners to have the proper paperwork on their person at all times while openly carrying.

Take our open carry quiz to test your knowledge of open carry in Oklahoma.