Open Carry Pros & Cons


On the range Tuesday, the Gilner family, in town to visit Grandma, but heading back soon to the open carry state of North Carolina."I would love to see people be able to carry openly, it's their right to carry," said Gregory Gilner.Come November first, Oklahoma will join the majority of US States as open carry."You have to have a concealed carry permit to open carry," said Larry Randle of Tulsa Firearms.Yes, as weird as that sounds, you heard that right. What's the big deal about open carry?"I think the main thing is the fact that people feel like they can get to their weapon faster if they need it," he said."I would love to be able to carry openly, just to let people know that, 'Hey, I am armed, don't mess with me, I'm not afraid to use it,'" said Gilner.On the flip side..."Personally, I'd rather have it concealed," said{}Ted Bump a new Okie from Massachusetts, who prefers stealth over flaunt, because..."The person has the opportunity to grab it if they're close enough, if it's just exposed, and , I don't know, I'd rather just have it concealed and the person don't know I got it so they're not going to try and test me or whatever," he said.To conceal or not to conceal? That is the question Okies can now start asking themselves.