Open Garage Door Leads to Home Invasion

He was out working in his garage, with thoughts on his mind of what happened in another garage.

"Access right into the house," said Stan Barnett.

From TPD, the caution to always be vigilant.

"If you're going to be outside and you have to have your garage door up, make sure you lock your inside door that leads into the house,' said officer Leland Ashley.

Also helpful, having neighbors who look out for you.

"Been a time or two in the last 13 years I've left the doors open at night. It was just one of those thing, thought you shut it, go in the house. My neighbor come over, said, Hey do you know your garage door is open?" said Barnett.

And should you ever encounter a stranger in your garage...

"Think about your safety first, if you confront someone and they appear that they're going to be aggressive, be the best witness possible for us," said Ashley.

"It definitely makes you think, I gotta remember, close the garage door," said Barnett.