Man Accused of Fatal QT Shooting Found Guilty

A 19-year-old accused of fatally shooting two people outside a Tulsa QuikTrip in 2012 has been found guilty on two counts of first degree murder.

He will a life sentence in prison with the possibility of parole.

Both sides in Jermaine Jackson's court case returned Friday for closing arguments.

KTUL was in court this week when Jackson took the stand and talked to the room about being at a friend's house before the shooting. It was when he was walking home that John White reportedly almost ran him over.

White and Krisjan Throssen were the two individuals shot and killed outside the QuikTrip near 71st and Riverside. Prosecutors have stated that Jackson shot them after an argument in the parking lot.

During his testimony, Jackson told jurors that he had been robbed twice before the shooting and that's why he had a gun. He went after the white car in order to find out why he almost ran over him.

Jackson added that he was threatened when White confronted him and looked like he was reaching for a gun. Jackson said he shot ten rounds in the car.

Attorneys for Jackson told the judge that Jackson shot the two individuals in self-defense.

Previous reports state he was located by authorities in Arkansas a few days later and taken into custody on a warrant for his arrest.

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