Operation Slick Streets

As it is, QT's are normally busy locations, and Friday, they were just a little busier.

"Uh, we've had three people come in already tonight," said employee Brandon Whitman

But not for corn dogs, for collision reports.

"On the back it even shows what happened and all that stuff," he said.

Yes, 'tis the season for Operation Slick Streets, or, as it's more formerly known...

"Traffic collision response restrictions is the official title of it," said TPD Officer Craig Murray.

Whatever you call it, the basic idea is, accident scenes become do-it-yourself, without a cop. Of course, there are exceptions.

"Now if there's a hit and run, if someone is injured, if it's a drunk driver, or if it's a city vehicle involved, then we do investigate," he said.

Meanwhile, back at QT...

"You know just take it easy, just slow down," said Tulsa city councilor Phil Lakin, doing some of his own safety preps.

"My wife is taking off, she's going to Dallas for a lacrosse tournament, and then to Houston for Thanksgiving, I'm gonna hold down the fort, so I'm just being a good husband, I'm making sure the tires are full of air, and ready for her to take off," he said.

Winter driving, when it comes to your speed, do like the temperature, and drop.

"Thing is just to slow down, that's the biggest thing is to take your time," said Officer Murray.

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