Ordinance in the Works for Ride-Sharing Companies

Tulsa city councilors are looking at an ordinance for ride-sharing companies. The new ordinance would require the companies to make sure their drivers have insurance and clean, safe vehicles.

City councilor Blake Ewing says they have worked closely with Uber and Lyft, and the regulations are nothing the companies aren't already doing.

"The City of Tulsa has business licenses for every type of business, be it restaurants, hair salons, you name it. You have to have a business license to do your thing in Tulsa," Ewing said.

Councilor Ewing said he has already noticed people using Uber and Lyft at his businesses. And it is helping with the DUI numbers for the city.

"It makes it really easy to make the right decision and I think that's what you want to do when you are trying to keep people from driving drunk -- make it easy for them to make the right decision when they are not in their best state," Ewing said of Uber and Lyft.

The final ordinance should be in place within the next month.

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