Organized Chaos: Getting Rid Of Kitchen Grime

Spring cleaning just got easier with some help from a professional focused on bringing sparkle back to your kitchen.

Amy Bates with Tulsa's Merry Maids stopped by KTUL Tuesday to show how easy it can be to get rid of common grime.

One of the best tips is a quick way to clean crusty food out of your microwave.

Take a microwave safe cup, fill it with water and place it inside. Run the microwave anywhere between 30 seconds up to one minute.

The steam created will help loosen crusted on food that can be easily removed with a kitchen cleaner spray.

Bates also explained how to get stubborn grime off of drip pans.

"Put a half a cup of baking soda into boiling water. Before you put the drip pans in the water, turn off the burner," she explained. Let the pans soak for several hours or overnight if they are especially grimy.

Scrubbing with warm soap and water should finish the job.

Amy Bates is a regular contributor to Organized Chaos, a bi-weekly segment dedicated to cleaning and organizing your life. It airs twice a month on Tuesdays.